Beginner Classes

Introduction to Country Swing

This class is designed for those who have limited to no experience with country swing or any background in dance. We start with the very basic movements of country swing in order to instill great technique that will allow for an easy transition to more difficult progressions and complicated classes. Every lesson promotes a fun an inviting atmosphere for all, while also maintaining safety as a key factor when learning. You will leave this course knowing the basics of country swing and the confidence to show off in any setting.

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Intermediate Classes

Intermediate Country Swing

The intermediate class is offered to students who have taken our introductory class and can demonstrate proficient understanding of basic country swing movements, concepts and skills. If an individual or couple wishes to join this class, without having taken our intro class, it will be up to teacher discretion if this class will be well suited to their needs. The intermediate class begins to focus on more intricate maneuvers and concepts while encouraging students to begin incorporating their own style into their movements.

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Line Dancing

While line dancing is briefly taught in both our Introductory and Intermediate classes, we also offer this type of class as an option for those with a specific interest in line dancing. In this class we cover a variety of dances, including but not limited to: bar line dances, girls night out, challenging and advanced skill level dances, and themed line dances. Any of these options can be taught at a corporate event, in a private lesson, or in class format. We encourage every student to engage in line dancing as it promotes musicality and increases basic dance skills in a fun and energetic manner.

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West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing is smooth (no bounce) and danced in a slot. Many people love the style and sexiness that comes with the flow of this genre! The dance allows room for syncopated footwork and improvisation. Followers have more freedom than many other forms of dance. West Coast Swing can be danced to a wide range of music including Rhythm and Blues, Country Western, Funk, Disco, Rock and Pop.

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This style of dance features a quick-quick-slow-slow step pattern, as well as fast turns and spins. This type of dance rotates and moves around the room in a counter-clockwise pattern. You will leave this course knowing the basics of two-step, and the confidence to show off in any setting!

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Advanced Lifts

With a strong focus on conditioning and style, this class challenges students with demanding high flying lifts and aerial maneuvers while increasing their skill and performance levels simultaneously. This class is designed to increase the overall strength of dancers and teach them how to highlight their lifts within their ground movements. We teach our dancers how to control their tricks and demonstrate them with confidence, proper technique and consistent execution. This class should only be taken by dancers with proficient to exceptional skill levels and those who have already taken a number of our less advanced classes.

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private lessons

For individuals and couples

Private lessons are a great way to learn country swing at your own pace and in a more intimate environment. These lessons are catered to individuals or couples personal wants and needs. Every lesson is centered on the person(s) skill level and what they ultimately wish to accomplish through taking this type of class. Private lessons provide the student(s) with the ability to have the teachers focus solely on them thereby allowing them to increase their skill level at an increased rate. A personalised lesson can be taught to either an individual, female or male, or a couple.

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Corporate & Group Workshops

A great team building opportunity

If you enjoy the intimate setting of a private lesson combined with the ability to take a class with some of your closest friends or co-workers, a group workshop is the perfect solution for you! Our custom workshops benefit from the atmosphere of a private lesson, but in a group setting that still allows a significant amount of one-on-one time with the instructors and the ability to progress at your own pace. Workshops are tailored to each individual group whether it’s basic country swing & line dancing lessons or just a special girls night out!

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wedding planning

Make that first dance extra special

Outlaw Country can help make your special day one that your guests will never forget! We will teach you basic maneuvers, elaborate skills that will be sure to impress and more intricate moves that will work with the song of your choice. We also provide the option to learn from our talented choreographers who can create a choreographed number for either your entire dance or sections of it, giving you the best possible experience for your first dance as a married couple. If you do wish to have our choreographers generate a dance for you please let us know in your initial email.

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